Group Therapy: CBT Group Therapy Certification. From the CBT experts.

Group Therapy: CBT Group Therapy Certification. From the CBT experts.

The group therapy format is very popular nowadays as an avenue by which to deliver cognitive-behavioral therapy.  Many mental health / behavioral health centers utilize both group therapists who have a graduate degree in a mental health field, as well as group facilitators who do not have a mental health degree, but who are specially trained to facilitate groups.

Because of the highly instructive nature of the CBT approaches, they lend themselves very well to the group therapy format.  For example, when teaching a group member about the rational use of the word “should,” all group members benefit from that instruction.

Our CBT Group Therapy Certification program has been our most popular program for the past several years.

We offer two programs, the Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapist (CBGT) Certification Home Study Program and the Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Group Facilitator (CBGF) Certification Home Study Program .

Successful completion of the home study program results in the designation, “Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapist (CBGT)” from the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists.

Our program includes:

A Manual that Outlines and Describes in Detail the Step-by-Step process of Rational Living Therapy Group Therapy
Dr. Aldo Pucci’s Book, “The Client’s Guide to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy”

Four Outstanding Audio Programs:
Overcoming Hopelessness
Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
How to Rid Yourself of Anger
How to End Your Addiction
Rational Progressive Relaxation You Can Play for Your Group Members
(The audio presentation portion is provided on a USB thumb drive.)
The Certification Examination

Our home study program provides you the step-by-step process of Rational Living Therapy Group Therapy, as well as the homework assignments to assign for each session and group activities. The step-by-step approach includes:

Engaging members with their goals
ABCs of Emotions
Rational Questions
26 Mental Mistakes
Rational Action Planner
Techniques of Practice
Ending Therapy