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Now, through our home study program, you can become a ...

Certified Counseling Technician
~ or a ~
Certified Counseling Professional


Requirements for Certified Counseling Technician

High School Diploma
Successful Completion of our Home Study Course


Requirements for Certified Counseling Professional (CCP)

Minimum Bachelors Degree in Any Field
Successful Completion of our Home Study Course


Why obtain a CCT or CCP?  It is getting progressively more difficult to find a job nowadays, particularly if you have a high school diploma or a graduate degree in a field that is not particularly marketable. 

However, many mental health centers, crisis units, day treatment programs, mental retardation facilities, and training centers are in desperate need of qualified people to assist them in delivering services to their patients.  Many of these positions are labeled "tech" or "professional" positions and are filled by high school graduates (techs) and college graduates (professionals).

These mental health centers LOVE to hire people who already have training in mental health / counseling issues.  But trained people are hard to find.

If you are at all interested in psychology and working with  people, becoming certified as a Counseling Technician or Counseling Professional could give you the competitive edge you need to get a paraprofessional job in the field.

About Our Home Study Course

Our course, entitled "Paraprofessional Counseling Home Study Program" is based on the very popular and proven counseling method called Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  More specifically, it is based on Aldo Pucci's Rational Living Therapy -- an easy-to-learn approach to helping people help themselves.

Our course will teach you...

        Basic Mental Health Information
        The Common Psychiatric Disorders (Abnormal
        Medications Commonly Used in Treatment
        Basic Counseling Skills of Active / Reflective
        Ethical Principles in Mental Health

        Basics of Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling
        The Theory & Science of Rational Living Therapy:
                 Basic Philosophy, Theory of Motivation &
        How to Dispute Client's Myths of Cognitive-
                 Behavioral Therapy
        The Process and Sequence of Rational Living
        How to Assess Thoughts, Behaviors, and Feelings
        How to Determine if the Person's Feelings /
                 Behaviors are Learned or Not-Learned
        How to Teach Clients:
                The ABC's of Emotions
                Attitudes / Reflex Thoughts
                The Three Rational Questions
                Over Twenty Common Mental Mistakes
                The Stages of Emotional Re-Education
                The Rational Self-Analysis & Rational Action
                Rational Visualization

As you can see, completing our Paraprofessional Counseling Home Study Program could put you light-years ahead of your competition for paraprofessional jobs!

What does your course include?

Our Paraprofessional Counseling Home Study Program includes:

Twelve (12) Professionally Produced Audio Cassettes 
            Recorded from Actual Seminar

Seminar Manual Including All Handouts and Images of "Overheads"

A bonus Mini-Course entitled, "Just Because You Haven't, Doesn't Mean You Can't"

"Technical Support" from Aldo R. Pucci, MA, LPC, author of the course through e-mail or telephone

The Course Examination

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive your diploma and a personalized reference letter that you can present to prospective employers that details what you have accomplished with our course!


Please note that our course is not designed to make you a "Professional Counselor" or to practice counseling or psychotherapy.  That takes years of college education.  But if you are interested in working as a technician in a crisis unit, group home, or day treatment program, our course is appropriate for you.

How Much Does Your Course Cost?

The cost of the course AND certification is an incredibly low $250!  

A $250 investment in your education will put you at a great advantage over your same-educated competitors and give you an excellent understanding of human motivation and emotion.

Of course, our course is backed by a thirty-day (30) money-back guarantee.  If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, simply return it in the same condition it was received for a prompt, full refund.

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