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Dr. Maxie C. Maultsby, Jr.

For 40 years Dr. Maultsby did self-help research and prescribed clinically proven therapeutic, emotional self-help methods.  In addition, he perfected the short-term, comprehensive method of psychotherapy called Rational Behavior Therapy (RBT).  His book by the same name is considered a classic in short term psychotherapy that produces long term results. Dr. Maultsby has also written several books on healthy, emotional and behavioral self-management. These books have been translated into several languages and are used both by mental health professionals and normal, but unhappy people, who want to manage their emotions and behavioral habits more successfully. High school and college educators and counselors use Dr. Maultsby's books in class-rooms, churches, corporations, as well as in alcohol and other substance abuse rehabilitation centers and even in legal offender programs for improving personal and inter-personal emotional and behavioral habits.

Dr. Maultsby has had a distinguished career in Academic Psychiatry.  He was a full professor of psychiatry at four American Schools of Medicine.  In 1977 he was elected a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and 2000 elected a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association in recognition for his significant contributions to Psychiatry.  From 1989 until 1995 he was the Chairman of Psychiatry at the College of Medicine at Howard University in Washington DC, USA.  Now he is one of its active Emeritus Professors.

Dr. Maultsby's internationally popular book for health professionals is Rational Behavior Therapy.  His three emotional self-help books for normal people are You and Your Emotions, Coping Better...Anytime, Anywhere and for alcohol and other substance abuse problems, Stay Sober and Straight.



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