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Rational Living Therapy
Earn 18 Contact Hours!
Prerequisite:  Graduate Degree in Mental Health Field or Current Graduate Student in Mental Health Field
                       Successful Completion of the Rational Living Therapy – Level-One Certification Program
The Rational Living Therapy Level-Two training emphasizes the RLT approach to “personality disorders.”
The RLT approach demystifies the concept of the personality disorder and teaches attendees why the common
view that many mental health professionals take of them is very problematic.
Attendees will learn a very straightforward, yet powerful approach to helping people overcome these life-long
patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. 
Attendees will also learn advanced techniques for identifying and correcting mistaken underlying
assumptions, as well as advanced techniques for helping people to overcome problems with depression and
Day One
Review of RLT Process
* Review of the RLT Process 
   attendees learned during the 
   Level-One Training.  Correction 
   of any problems attendees might 
   have experienced in 
   implementing the RLT approach.
Advanced Underlying  
Assumption Correction 
* Assessment Techniques
* Assumption Correction
* Developing “Ideal” and “Less
   Ideal” Replacement Assumptions 
RLT Treatment of “Personality  
Stages of Treatment
* Engagement techniques to 
   encourage the client to be 
   involved in treatment.
Day Two
RLT Treatment of “Personality 
* Pattern Analysis Techniques
* Underlying Assumptions that are 
   characteristic of the various
   “personality disorders”
* Pattern Change Techniques
* Pattern Maintenance
* Termination and Relapse
Advanced Disputing / 
Countering Techniques
* Soft, Hard, and Objective 
Attendees will learn a variety of  
advanced techniques to encourage 
cognitive change, therefore 
creating change in emotions and 
Day Three
Advanced Understanding of 
Logical Fallacies
* Attendees will learn how to 
   recognize and correct scientific, 
   pseudoscientific, logical, and 
   psychological problems in 
Mood Disorders Treatment
  Attendees will learn advanced 
  RLT techniques to help clients 
  overcome problems with 
Anxiety Disorders Treatment
Attendees will learn advanced 
  techniques to help clients 
  overcome anxiety, phobias, panic,
  agoraphobia, and obsessive-
  compulsive disorder.
Level-Two Certification Seminar
September 7-9, 2011
Earn an RLT
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